Is Your Password Secure?

Despite regular warnings about weaknesses of the simple passwords, lots of users still choose simple passwords that are easy to iterate over a small dictionary. According to data, published in various sources, it became known:
1. More than 20% of users still use extrimely unsecure passwords. Here are Top-5 passwords which prove to be super-hits:

  • password
  • 11111
  • 123456 or 12345678
  • qwerty
  • abc123

2. 80% of users use one of the 1000 most popular passwords.
3. 90% of passwords can be enumerated in the dictionary of 10,000 passwords and digital passwords up to 8 characters. Usually it takes not a long time to bust all such passwords.


In the next posts we will consider how to password protect data in popular applications and how to restore access to your data if you forget your password.

Strong Password Generator

When it comes to keeping your private data safe on the Internet, it is most important to use secure passwords. Some people use the same password for a wide range of online services that they use. While it is much easier to remember just one password for everything, it is, obviously, a much less secure solution. If someone manages to guess or hack your password then they can, theoretically, access all of your online services. Others make a point of using different passwords for different sites while keeping them written down on paper or stored somewhere on the computer close at hand. Again, this also presents an inherent risk, particularly in working environments where you are not the only person present. To help you overcome these issues, software developer we presents a free password generator.

PassBoom Password Generator provides an easy, user-friendly solution to the problem by creating complex passwords for you based on an easy-to-remember key phrase. When you can remember the pass phrase used to create the complex password, you should be able to easily remember the password itself. The program itself is extremely easy to use and absolutely no special knowledge or experience is required. Best of all, the program is also absolutely free! Once you install the program, you will see an icon for the application in the system tray. To open the free password generator, all you need to do is click on the icon or use the Ctrl + Alt + P keyboard shortcut. The program will create a password for you and then provide you with a phrase which will help you to remember it.

PassBoom Password Generator is completely free for both commercial and home usage.  Using this free password generator, you will be able to consistently come up with secure passwords which you will never be likely to forget. To get even more secure passwords, you can also use the “add mutation” feature.

PassBoom Password Generator will work on any version of Windows, including 64-bit editions.

Download this “MUST HAVE” software right now and find out what it can do for you!